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Ultrasound Tables

Ultrasonography or commonly known as ultrasound is a medical imaging technique that uses soundwaves to capture images from inside the patient's body. The procedure is painless and has become a standard diagnostic imaging technique for various organs and parts of the human body. An echocardiogram, for example, captures a sonogram of the heart, while a vascular ultrasound is used to examine a patient's blood circulation through their blood vessel system and check up on the general state of the arteries or veins. Another common application of sonography is in obstetrics, producing an obstetric ultrasound to examine the general state of the pregnancy and the condition of the embryo or fetus inside the pregnant woman.

Each type of ultrasound exam requires specific positioning of the patient to achieve optimal image quality. That's why the right choice of ultrasound bed is crucial for the ultrasound clinic. You will find ultrasound bed options for all major ultrasound applications, listed below.



Our selection of echocardiography tables all features a cardiac cut-out section in the main part of the ultrasound bed, to assist the ultrasound technician in conducting the ultrasound scan, as well as provide optimal positioning for the patient. One table we offer also features a special adjustable back support built into the back section. it allows an even greater degree of mobility and extended reach for the ultrasound technician, while for the patient it allows them to comfortably remain on their side, while the echo scan is being performed.



Obstetric Ultrasound

Patient positioning is especially crucial in this type of ultrasound since the patient needs to be correctly angled and be comfortable during the procedure, to ensure optimal image quality and safety of the fetus. We offer some ultrasound tables that tend to these requirements, as well as can be used in women's ultrasound applications like vaginal ultrasound. 

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Vascular Ultrasound

The main feature of the vascular table is the ability to raise and tilt to various degrees, while the patient remains on the table surface and can do so comfortably. This most commonly is referred to as a tilt table evaluation. Our selection of vascular ultrasound tables can assist in tilt table evaluation as well as venous reflux studies, biopsies, as well as any other type of vascular exam.

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Not sure which ultrasound table you need?

Don't have time to read about every table we offer? The short video below will give you a quick run-down of the major types of ultrasound tables we offer along with their specs and unique features. 





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