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Medical Exam Tables / Treatment Tables

AME Equipment is ready to satisfy all of your professional medical exam table & examination bed needs with some of the best products on the market today. Our wide range of multifunctional, state-of-the-art treatment tables and doctors examination table items are all fully customizable, with options directly from our manufacturers in Germany & Italy. Each of our medical exam tables is designed & built with only the finest materials currently available in the professional medical industry. Each medical exam bed we offer in our catalogue is carefully designed & crafted with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring maximum performance and longevity of each product for years to come. 

Our multifunctional treatment tables are crafted with great attention to functionality & durability, built from the highest-quality & most resilient building materials available on the market today, designed with the discerning specialist medical professional in mind. Our direct partnership with the manufacturer in Germany & Italy allows us to offer an extended range of product customization options for all of our medical exam tables, including a range of specialized upgrade options. Additionally, our exam table & medical exam bed items offer superior aesthetic appeal, complemented with a chrome-plated, stainless steel & lacquered product finish, as well as a wide variety of custom upholstery & colour options, sure to satisfy the most specific & particular customer needs.  

With an extensive range of customization & extra equipment options, as well as a plethora of standard accessory items, our highly-versatile & reliable medical exam tables can be utilized in surgical procedures, gynaecological & proctology practices, as well as a wide range of more generalized medical practice functions. Our entry level exam table & examination bed items feature a hand-crank operated variable height adjustment that easily folds back under the table when not in use. Our universal medical exam tables feature manual height adjustment option controls, as well as dual-box rectangular profiles to stop unwanted movements of the tabletop while the examination bed is in use. Additional standard features on our medical exam tables include paper roll holders, fully adjustable headrests, as well as levelling screws fitted into the medical exam tables base, guaranteeing consistent stability in even the most demanding & rugged operating conditions. The hand crank featured on our doctors examination table items features a very smooth transmission ratio, guaranteeing high-speed & functionality, as well as ease of use of the product. The more advanced, high-tier medical tables we offer feature electric tilt adjustment & electric height adjustment controls for maximum performance capabilities, fit for use in the most demanding professional medical settings. Additionally, these more advanced models feature a hydraulic-powered height adjustment system, operated with a pedal from a centrally located built-in foot pump, featuring highly-variable height adjustment options, ensuring professional-grade performance & patient comfort. Our wall-mounted medical exam tables are designed for areas where temporary setup is required, allowing them to be easily integrated into even the most crowded medical settings. 

With such a wide range of basic features, a multitude of specialized customization options, as well as the flexibility of pricing offered throughout our entire catalogue, our wide range of medical exam tables and medical exam bed items provide an expansive variety of product options, tailored to the specific needs of any high-performance professional medical environment. Our line of doctors examination table items are sure to impress your clients with exquisite features all around, guaranteeing an unsurpassable level of relaxation & comfort for both patient and medical professional.




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