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A choice of a medical chair for any medical facility is very important since different medical specialties have different requirements and unique methods to standard procedures performed within the scope of those specialties.

For example in obstetrics and gynecology, a medical specialty which encompasses pregnancy and childbirth as well as deals with female reproductive health, a gynecology chair is the medical chair of choice, since it is best suited to assist a specialist in performing such medical procedures as a Pap test or pelvic exam primarily due to specifics of patient positioning.

The same can be said about medical chairs used for proctoscopy exams, in the field of proctology, to examine the anal cavity, rectum, or sigmoid colon. The main goal is to get a patient into a very specific angled position while keeping the patient as comfortable as possible while undergoing a rather uncomfortable examination.

As for urology, all major exams that are usually performed to determine a problem, are diagnostic exams that rely on specimen collection or rely on diagnostic imaging to diagnose a problem. So in the case of urologists, they rely on treatment chairs, rather than exam chairs. That is why medical chairs used in urological applications are very specific to the practical treatment nature of urological specialists.



In the field of obstetrics and gynecology, the doctor most often examines organs of female reproductive health. Most commonly the doctors administer Pap test or conduct pelvic exams, where patient positioning with respect to the doctor is very important. That’s why OB/GYN specialists choose gynecology chairs because of their excellent ability to be adjusted to variable vertical heights. This gives the doctor an optimal zone of operation in a comfortable position. We offer a variety of gynecology chairs, all of which have a wide range of vertical movements along with multiple seat and backrest adjustment options, which allow the patients to be comfortably angled for optimal operational reach.  






The design of medical chairs used in proctology revolves around very specific patient positioning requirements. Some of the common procedures, which proctologists conduct, are rectal exams or proctoscopy, both of which require a patient to get into a knee-elbow position. Our line of proctology exam chairs ensures that the patient remains comfortable while in the knee-elbow position, as well as helps them be positioned in such a manner for the duration of the examination.






For urology specialists, the medical chair of choice is a treatment chair, since their practice revolves around conducting treatment procedures; so naturally, a urological chair is their go-to choice. We offer a number of urological medical chairs, all of which are equipped with standard features like pelvic cut-outs and procedural sinks, pelvic tilt capabilities for enhanced patient positioning and some treatment chairs come with vertical height

Our line of gynecology chairs comes from two European manufacturers, one from Germany and one from Italy. The gynecology chairs as well as proctology chairs are made to order and are highly customizable to the customer's requirements.





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