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Hospital Beds

Our professional medical equipment catalogue includes multifunctional hospital beds for use in various medical settings. We have a number of surgical bed & adjustable hospital bed items, ideal for use in situations where a specialized patient bed is required, as well as various settings requiring the functionality of a generalized electric hospital bed. The AME Equipment catalogue has a number of industry-grade of hospital beds for sale, complete with a diverse range of standard features, as well a variety of product accessories & exclusive customization options. As with the rest of our industry-standard medical equipment catalogue, our collection of premium hospital beds are crafted from the finest materials available, designed with the utmost care & attention to detail by our dedicated equipment manufacturer. The direct relationship we have with our manufacturer allows AME Equipment to offer you a diverse & versatile range of product accessories & aesthetic customization options for the hospital beds you purchase, your product protected by our industry-standard premium warranty protection.  

With an extensive series of customization & extra equipment options, as well as a number of standard accessories & special features, the hospital beds we offer in our catalogue can be utilized in a number of instances where a surgical bed or patient bed is required, such as a high-traffic hospital facility. Our electric hospital bed & related items are constructed with maximum attention devoted to ergonomics, maximizing the patient comfort during extensive procedures. The hospital beds available throughout the AME Equipment catalogue are constructed with versatility & durability in mind, allowing for the integration of various accessories & upgrade options. All of our hospital beds for sale, guaranteeing that your product will perform up to standard in the most demanding professional medical settings. The range of electric hospital bed, surgical bed, and general patient bed equipment we offer is appropriate for all generalized medical functions requiring the use of multifunctional hospital beds, making them perfect for use in various medical settings. All of the metal parts on hospital beds we offer through the AME Equipment catalogue are composed of high-grade, epoxy-coated steel, complete with premium Biocote® silver ion antimicrobial additive, which maximizes product cleanliness throughout sustained use. The mattress platforms of the hospital beds are composed of high-grade, thermoformed ABS plastic, complete with integrated stoppers for easy mattress removal & cleaning between sessions. The range of adjustable hospital bed items & related equipment in our catalogue also feature various electric-powered adjustment features. All the hospital beds we offer include standard features such as a removable mattress, as well as Trendelenburg & reverse Trendelenburg settings, in addition to various other electric hospital bed features. Reliable design & study allow our items to fit in any professional medical setting, making our hospital beds for sale some of the best on the market today. 

With an extensive range of product features, various specialized customization options, as well as a range of pricing options in our surgical bed selection, our catalogue is sure to impress our diverse clientele. The adjustable hospital bed items & related medical equipment in our catalogue provides a wide range of options to tailor your purchase to the specific needs of your particular working environment. Our catalogue of patient bed & surgical bed items is designed for the discerning medical professional




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