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ComfoCare Hospital Bed

The ComfoCare hospital bed is designed with patient comfort and safety in mind. The bed conforms offers all the premium features of position control, while still being a budget-conscious choice for a hospital or a clinic.



- Nurse controller located at the foot of the bed gives the healthcare provider total control over the bed's movement features.

- The patient also has unobstructed easy access to movement controls conveniently embedded into the side rail of the bed.

- Removable head and foot boards allow for easy patient access

- 4-section breathable HPL board ensures a sturdy yet comfortable bed base

- The bed frame is constructed from epoxy coated steel

- Auto-contour adjustment mechanism ensures maximum patient comfort by adjusting to the shape of the patient's body


- Built-in backup battery ensures the bed's operation in the result of a power failure

- Locking caster system provides complete immobilization of the bed, when not in motion.



Total Length - 221cm
Optional Extension Length - 30cm
Total Width - 107cm
Sleeping Platform Length - 198cm 
Sleeping Platform Width - 90cm
Max. Weight - 250kg 
Caster Diameter - 150mm
Height Range - 45cm to 85cm
Back Section Raise - 0-75°
Knee Section Raise - 0-45° 
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg - +15°/-15°
Voltage - 110-240V
Frequency - 50/60Hz
Hospital Grade plug available upon request



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