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Podiatry Chairs

We offer an extensive selection of podiatry chairs manufactured in Italy. Each podiatry chair is made to order and adheres to the highest quality and craftsmanship standards.

Our podiatry chairs have one electric motor that controls height adjustment, while all the other movements, like back tilt and Trendelenburg tilt, are done by hand. As a result, such chairs, with one or two-motor configurations, are more budget-friendly than podiatry chairs like Podo 5, where motor controls do all the movements, including the independent adjustments of the leg supports.

Most chairs can be configured to fold flat into a table thanks to the independent controls of the leg supports, seat tilt and back tilt. Because these chairs can be adjusted to be flat, they serve a dual purpose as a table and a chair, adding utility to any medical practice.

Our podiatry chairs come standard with 2” or 3” mattresses (depending on the model), folding armrests, a headrest, and a foot control switch for the chair’s movements and are covered by a standard manufacturer warranty of two years. A great starter package for any practice!

However, our line of 100% Italian-made podiatry chairs is not only suitable for medical use. They have universal applications in the fields of medical treatments as well as cosmetic procedures and aesthetic treatments. For example, the ability to customize the headrest section of our universal treatment chairs and turn the chair into a flat table can transform the universal treatment chair into a facial bed or an esthetician chair into a massage table. Additionally, thanks to sleek and stylish design and quality materials, these universal treatment chairs can serve as spa chairs in medspa settings or pedicure chairs in a spa salon.

A 10-year structural warranty covers all this, and with no yearly maintenance servicing required, the universal treatment chairs will be an indispensable and reliable part of any aesthetics salon or medical practice!




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