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MobiDoc - Docking Medical Cart

Intra-hospital patient transport is a critical aspect of patient care. Transporting a patient within a hospital may be done for various reasons, but most often than not, a patient requiring to be carried by a transport team, to and from examinations or procedures. Some patients require the intra-hospital transport service simply because they are not strong enough to move on their own; however, a large number of patients that rely on intr-hospital patient transport service also require to be hooked up to various machines, like automated syringe pumps, IVs, monitors, and other peripheral monitoring equipment. As a result, the more serious the condition of the patient is, the more medical equipment would be hooked up to them during their intr-hospital transport. Traditionally, a transport team consists of various medical personnel to assist in the transport procedure, with hospital porters usually taking care of transporting all the equipment along with the patient. However, the transport procedure becomes complex with assembling, organizing and synchronizing the transportation of the patient bed along with associated medical equipment that may be attached to the patient. Transport personnel becomes a crucial resource, which, may be limited at peak times.

MobiDoc Modular Docking Cart is an all-one solution that solves the problem of cumbersome medical equipment transport during emergency medical transport and patient transfer.


MobiDoc Benefits

  • The modular medical cart can dock to any patient transport device - be it a stretcher or a hospital bed. MobiDoc docking mechanisms are designed according to specific requirements of all major medical bed and stretcher manufacturers and even operating tables, so there is absolute peace-of-mind in terms of secure attachment of docking medical cart to the patient bed.
  • MobiDoc medical cart is designed on a principle of a modular cart system - this means it is fully customizable to the specific needs of any department. Dedicated attachment modules can be fitted to various pre-assembled options of the medical cart. However, the full potential of the MobiDoc lies in its customizable dimensions of the cart itself. It can be tailored to fit any specific dimensional requirements. 
  • MobiDoc's maneuverability and secure docking capabilities eliminate the need for excessive hospital porter requirements to transport complex patients. The MobiDoc docking transport cart can easily be manoeuvred by a single person even in confined spaces!


MobiDoc MR - All-in-one medical equipment transport 

Transporting critical patients into an MRI suite has never been easier, thanks to the MobiDoc MR - a modular transport cart, which can dock to any stretcher to make the transport of the patient and the associated medical equipment like medical monitors or syringe pumps, with ease! Best of all, MobiDoc MR can remain inside Zone IV during the whole MRI scan without causing any image interference. 

The all-in-one modular transport cart becomes an essential asset in conserving medical staff to transport and set up a patient in the MR room, since all the necessary medical equipment is set up on the modular cart, there is no need to manage different standalone devices on their respective transport poles, but rather deal with one manoeuvrable module.

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