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Surgical Tables & Operating Tables

Our professional surgical equipment line offers a diverse range of specialized operating tables, allowing customers the flexibility to choose the ideal product selection to adequately match the particular requirements of any medical operating setting. As with our other professional medical & surgical equipment products, our line of surgical tables combine ease-of-use & highly versatile operational functioning, compatible for use in a wide range of specialized medical tasks. Particular operating table roles include orthopaedic surgery, hip surgery, gynaecology procedures, as well as a wide range of generalized medical functions, making them a perfect addition to any medical facility.  

Standard product features on all of our operating tables include a highly ergonomic & fully adjustable operating table design, as well as an ultra-comfort memory foam mattress & high-quality upholstered parts & accessories. Th exquisite care & attention to detail taken throughout the entirety of the design & manufacturing process in all of the products we offer ensures a paramount treatment experience for both patient & professional. Tabletop sections on all of our models are manually adjustable, with our more advanced operating table items offering motorized table adjustment via remote control. All upholstered components in our surgical equipment & operating table collection are manually adjustable, allowing for ease of movement & cleaning in between procedures. The height adjustment on our range of surgical tables is controlled via hydraulics on our entry-level models, and by an electric-powered motor system on our premium collection of operating tables. This design is complemented by an anodized light alloy lifting column across all of our operating tables & surgical equipment items, guaranteeing reliability & performance throughout consistent product utilization. Our extensive selection of specialized operating tables & surgery equipment items are perfect for use in any day surgery and/or generalized surgery clinic, ensuring the customer is satisfied with the purchase of any of our professional surgery products. 

Reliable, medical-grade components, as well as an extensive range of highly-specialized product customization options make our selection of operating tables and surgical equipment items fit to the specific needs of any generalized and/or specialized professional medical roles. Our line of operating tables & related surgery equipment is sure to impress your clients with exquisite features all around, guaranteeing an unsurpassable level of relaxation & comfort for both patient and medical professional.




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