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Tilt Tables / Vascular Tables

Our superb medical equipment selection would not be complete without a selection of state-of-the-art vascular tilt tables, as well as a range of high-quality accessories & upgrade options to complement your purchase. The collection of tilt tables we offer in our extensive catalogue of specialist medical equipment are all assembled from the most durable & finely-sourced materials available on the medical equipment market today. As with the rest of our professional equipment selection, our medical tilt tables can be customized with a plethora of functional and/or aesthetic accessories, making sure that any product you purchase through AME Equipment is the perfect fit for your desired medical role or setting. All of our medical tilt tables & related equipment accessories are produced in direct partnership with our German manufacturer, covered by a premium warranty on our entire range of product items. 

  The medical tilt tables & accessories we offer throughout our catalogue can be used for a wide range of generalized & specialized roles within a practice. Tilt tables in particular are ideal for the treatments of patients who suffer from neurological conditions that require additional mobility & accessibility, including spinal cord, back & head trauma patients. Tilt tables can also be utilized for a range of phlebology & dermatology procedures, as well as a wide variety of medical procedures requiring more specialized vascular operations. A medical tilt table is also ideal for a number of cardiovascular roles, with the tilt function & overall table adjustability features allowing for the carrying out of procedures in a completely noninvasive fashion. Our tilt tables are all designed with stability & durability in mind, built to guarantee consistent support throughout the consistent re-positioning that is required in advanced medical procedures. Such deluxe product features guarantee consistent performance in the most rugged & demanding clinical settings. 

The various tilt tables available through our catalogue all contain standard-issue features & accessories, such as a stainless steel & aluminum product frame with lacquered finish, as well as fully adjustable & removable footrest & headrest accessories. Ease of mobility & operation is secured through easy-to-access hand & foot switches, allowing for the intuitive & quick control of the medical tilt table during a medical procedure. All of the tilt tables we offer are fully adjustable, featuring pneumatic or electric-powered adjustment controls throughout our premium & entry-level selections. The base & column cover on all of our medical tilt table models are scratch & impact resistant, in addition to boasting an intuitive design that allows for quick, easy & thorough cleaning of the medical tilt table between sessions. Additionally, a wide range of custom upholstery colours & other excellent aesthetic modification options allows the customer to tailor the appearance of their particular medical tilt table selection, allowing it to fit in seamlessly with any particular operations setting.  

Reliable product design & production, professional-grade product capabilities & accessories, as well as a wide range of product modification options make our superior selection of medical tilt table items guaranteed to impress the most discerning medical professionals. Ease of use, logical design & accessibility of features present throughout our entire medical tilt table collection allows the professional to prioritize the treatment outcome, making sure a safe & comfortable patient experience comes first 100% of the time. 




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