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AME Equipment - Trusted Partner in All Your Medical Equipment Needs

Whether you are looking for a solution in the field of neonatal MRI or durable medical equipment  - we have you covered.

We proudly offer the MR-Diagnostics Incubator System nomag IC - the only MRI incubator capable of providing a safe and controlled environment for the neonate during the scan, as well as enabling unparalleled image acquisition thanks to unique neonatal MRI coils for head and body.  The MRI-safe isolette allows to save time during preparation, scan and transport of the patient, as well as virtually eliminate the need for patient sedation, making the nomag MRI incubator the safest, and easiest neonatal MRI solution on the market.

Outside of neonatal imaging, we also specialize in durable medical equipment and furniture.

We provide intra-hospital patient mobility solutions, medical table for examinations as well as specialty tilt table, specialty exam chairs for the fields of gynecology and proctology, gurneys and much more. We also offer a line of MR-safe stretchers to tend to the needs of transporting patients in and out of the MRI room. Our medical furniture is sourced from European manufacturers, thus ensuring quality medical furniture, backed by a best in class 3 year warranty, as a sign that we stand behind the quality of the furniture that we offer.

So, whether you are looking for a neonatal imaging solution or need to source a new exam table or exam chair for your new or existing clinic, give us a call today, so our specialists can help you find the solution that is right for you!



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