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There are many kinds of medical chairs on the market today; better still; there are many types of chairs that fall under the classification of a medical chair, which is a fairly broad term. Although many types of products that are classified as medical chairs are technically medical chairs, not all of them are made to perform in the field of medical practice.

Generally, there are two major types of medical chairs that you can find in a clinical setting - exam chair and procedure chair. Most often, these medical chairs are used in the field of obstetrics and gynecology because of their compact size versus a medical treatment table or an operating table. Given that about half of Canada's OB/GYN specialists operate out of private practices and clinics, when compared to the second-largest cohort of doctors who rely on the exam and procedural chairs, urologists, of whom only about one-third operate out of private clinics, the reliance on medical exam chairs or procedure chairs, makes sense.

When it comes to podiatry chairs, there are two major aspects that a podiatry specialist looks for in a medical chair - height adjustment and leg rest adjustments. The maximum height of a podiatry chair should allow the doctor to work comfortably with the patient's foot while standing. The maximum height in our line of podiatry chairs ranges from 85 cm up to 110 cm. Our podiatry chairs offer separate independent controls of leg rest tilt and leg rest extension. Such allows the medical chairs to accommodate a variety of patients while ensuring they are as comfortable as possible. 

Our line of 100% Italian-made universal treatment chairs offers the most versatile general-purpose medical exam chairs. Our universal treatment chairs are suitable for a multitude of medical procedures, as well as aesthetic treatments.  These chairs are called ‘universal’ because they can serve not only as fully adjustable 4-section medical treatment chairs but also all of them can be adjusted into a full 180-degree flat position, thus offering the ability to become a medical exam table. A great cost-saving feature!

Additionally, you can build an all-in-one workstation by choosing to customize your preferred universal chair model with over 20+ accessories. With the help of various attachments, the medical treatment chair can be easily converted into a medical exam table, giving you the flexibility to perform medical exams and medical treatment and procedures without needing additional medical equipment.

However, our universal treatment chairs are not only suitable for medical use. They have universal applications in the fields of medical treatments as well as cosmetic procedures and aesthetic treatments. The ability to customize the headrest section of our universal treatment chairs and turn the chair into a table can transform the universal treatment chair into a facial bed or an esthetician bed into a massage table.

Covered by a 10-year structural warranty and with no yearly maintenance servicing required, the universal treatment chairs will be an indispensable and reliable part of any aesthetics salon or medical practice!






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