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Pedicure Chairs

Our line of 100% Italian-made pedicure chairs features an ergonomic design that is comfortable for the patient meanwhile offering superior aesthetic appeal and offering superior quality in material and functionality. It features an adjustable reclining back, integrated armrests, and hydro massage jets to melt tensions away. Its smooth and elegant design adds a touch of luxury, while the high-end cushioning offers superior comfort, making it the perfect chair for a truly luxurious spa experience.

All of our pedicure chairs are equipped with pipeless hydro massage capability. A pipeless hydro massage is a therapeutic form of massage that uses water jets strategically placed in a bathtub to apply pressure to specific parts of the body. The pressure of the jets can be adjusted to meet any individual's needs and helps improve blood circulation while reducing pain and fatigue. This type of massage is relaxing and can help with the relief of muscle tension, headaches, joint aches, and overall stress relief.

As always, all of our Lemi pedicure chairs chair s and spa chairs are covered by a 10-year structural warranty and with no yearly maintenance servicing required, any of our facial chairs, massage beds or esthetic beds you choose to go with will become an indispensable and reliable part of your aesthetics salon or spa!




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