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Massage Tables & Salon/Spa Equipment

AME Equipment is proud to announce its long-awaited partnership with Lemi Italian Wellness Equipment! By becoming an authorized distributor of Lemi Spa and officially representing the Lemi brand in Canada, we now offer Lemi’s 100% Italian-made massage tables, massage beds & other salon equipment designed for use in various professional spa environments. As a result, our catalogue now includes the full range of state-of-the-art massage tables, massage beds, facial beds and deluxe pedicure chairs , all fully customizable with 70+ accessory, finish and upholstery options.  

Our entire range of massage table & spa items is specially crafted using the highest-quality materials. All products are designed and assembled by Lemi in Italy, using high-quality all-Italian materials, producing certified 100%-Italian products. This ensures the utmost attention is devoted to the form, functionality & aesthetic appeal of all spa furniture products that we offer. The result is long-lasting, durable & high-performance spa equipment, fit for induction into the most demanding salon or spa clinic treatment setting.  

This extensive line of salon equipment is comprised of standard salon furniture like essential massage tables & pedicure chairs, like the Elba PediSpa Pedicure chair. Standard features for our massage table & massage bed products and our pedicure chairs include extra-comfort memory foam, 180-degree rotation, and full reclining functionality. These stock features ensure high-quality spa furnishings that are both easy-to-use & exceptionally comfortable. Additional equipment features may be viewed in our Lemi catalogue - request it here.  

Our advanced specialized spa furniture products, like our state-of-the-art pedicure chair - the Capri PediSpa Pedicure Chair, are electrically powered and include water connection capabilities. This luxury pedicure chair is fitted with high-performance pipeless hydro-massage interfacing, featuring full-electric motions, combined with over 40+ finish options to choose from, and will be sure to captivate the eyes and the senses of your clients! 

Additional exclusive customization options for our luxury line of spa massage tables like the Florence Evo Spa Table include integrated Bluetooth audio, leather upholstery options, colour therapy & aromatherapy capabilities, allowing our products to match any partial or fully-integrated spa room or salon.  

Hydro Massage Beds

No professional spa can be complete without a hydro-massage table. Our Lemi hydro-massage beds provide 100% water-resistance while still being a fully electric motion capability, thanks to a specially sealed motor design. This makes it perfect for spa treatments requiring advanced hydrotherapy and other boutique spa capabilities. However, Lemi’s ingenuity does not stop here. Lemi has designed and built two award-winning multi-functional hydro-massage stations, recognized multiple times by the global spa and aesthetics communities – the Aemotio Spa and the Spa Dream all-in-one spa massage stations. Both of these state-of-the-art massage tables are now available in Canada! 

The Aemotio Spa hydro-massage table station has been the Professional’s Choice Awards winner for three years running! 

The Spa Dream multi-functional massage table station has also been the Professional’s Choice Awards winner for the last two years! 

Both our standard & advanced spa massage tables & pedicure chairs are completely multi-functional and fully adjustable. The variable price range & functional flexibility of our items make them ideal for use in a wide range of professional luxury spa & treatment settings.  

Our direct partnership with Lemi Italian Wellness Equipment also allows for full customization of any one of our massage tables, pedicure chairs and other professional spa equipment. We work directly with interior designers for each client to customize each finish and upholstery for every product a customer may need for their spa, which allows us to create a one-of-a-kind product that highlights your unique style!  

With such a wide range of features, an extensive range of high-end, luxury boutique product finishes, a multitude of specialized accessory options, and full customization for any product, our wide range of massage tables and pedicure chairs make us a one-stop-shop for any modern luxury spa or beauty salon. Our premium range spa treatment massage table & pedicure chairs are sure to impress your clients with exquisite features all around, guaranteeing an unsurpassable level of relaxation & comfort. Our commitment to product craftsmanship & excellence guarantees customer satisfaction for years to come.  




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