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Medical Imaging Tables

No professional medical facility is complete without high performance, state-of-the-art imaging equipment for use during medical imaging procedures. Our high-tech, robust built medical imaging tables are appropriate for use in a wide range of medical diagnostic roles & settings. We offer a diverse range of fluoroscopy tables & x ray tables, complete with a diverse range of standard features & accessories, as well as various customization & upgrade options. As with the rest of our industry-standard medical equipment catalogue, our medical imaging table line is constructed from the finest materials currently available on the market, built & designed on site by our premium medical equipment manufacturer in Germany. Our close partnership with the manufacturer allows us to offer you a diverse & versatile range of product accessories & aesthetic customization options, with your product purchase protected by our industry-standard premium warranty coverage.  

With an extensive range of customization & extra equipment options, as well as a number of standard accessories & special features, the versatile medical imaging tables we offer in our catalogue can be utilized for fluoroscopy procedures, as well as a number of different utilizations requiring x ray tables for a range of different medical procedures. Our medical imaging table items are thoughtfully designed & built with maximum attention devoted to ergonomic performance & patient comfort. The x ray & fluoroscopy tables available throughout our catalogue are constructed with versatility & durability in mind, designed to allow for easy integration of both stationary or portable x ray devices or c-arm attachments. All of our medical imaging tables are mounted on high-quality metal casters, ensuring easy transport & mobility at a moments’ notice, ensuring that your product will perform up to standard in the most demanding professional medical environments. The imaging tables we offer are perfectly suited for a wide range of generalized medical functions requiring medical imaging for diagnostic & operating purposes, making them a perfect addition to any medical facility. Ease of operation is guaranteed through a remote control on our advanced, professional range of products or hydraulic footswitch or hand-switch on our entry-level medical imaging table items. The premium line of imaging tables we offer in our catalogue also feature motorized, electric-powered adjustment features, operating with an ultra-low noise floor to ensure minimal distraction occurs during an imaging session. Additionally, our x ray tables are logically designed to limit unwanted exposure to radiation, ensuring the highest degree of safety for both patient & professional during longer duration procedures. Each item features a fully-adjustable tabletop, including standard medical imaging tables features such as Trendelenburg & reverse Trendelenburg, as well as full height & table tilt options. Such high performance product capabilities, as well as reliable design & build make our imaging tables fit for the most demanding & discerning medical professional. 

Our imaging tables offer a wide range of basic product features, coupled with a multitude of specialized customization options, as well as the flexible pricing options in our medical imaging table catalogue. The line of x ray tables for sale in our catalogue provides an expansive variety of product & accessory options, tailored to the specific needs of any high-performance professional medical environment requiring advanced medical imaging. Our extensive range of industry-standard medical imaging tables & accessories are guaranteed to impress our customers, guaranteeing an unsurpassable level of product performance & patient comfort. 




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