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with Echo Cutout Option

We offer ultrasound tables with either a three-section or a two-section tabletop, with electric or gas pressure spring height adjustment mechanism and an optional echo cut-out.



- Two maintenance-free, spill-proof and ultra-quiet motors controlled by a pneumatic foot switch.

- The patient can be easily raised or lowered into the desired ultrasound exam position by pressing the foot switch.

- The headrest can be adjusted from +30° to -30° for a thyroid ultrasound and secured with a clamping rod locking mechanism.

- Since both the head/back and leg sections are individually adjustable, it is possible to position the patient from an initial arched posture into either the Trendelenburg or Anti-Trendelenburg position as well as into a horizontal position.

- The head and foot sections of the sonography table offer positive and negative electric adjustment to approx. +20°/-17°.



- Height 700 mm
- Width 650 mm
- Length 1900 mm
- Adjustment mechanism for tabletop sections
   - 3-piece Tabletop - electric with foot switch
   - 2-piece Tabletop - manual with gas pressure spring
- Maximum load 200 kg
- Frame lacquered
- Upholstery thickness 64 mm,
- 21 Upholstery Colours available
- Made in Germany
- 3-year warranty

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