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Medical Storage Cabinets

Our storage solutions are made to order to provide you with a storage solution that fits your needs.



- Quiet closure thanks to all-around polymer dust and noise reduction seal
- The pull-and-tilt feature allows for baskets at the higher levels to tilt 116° to allow line of sight observation of tray contents and easy content removal
- Telescopic drawer slides allow for load capacities of up to 40 Kg
- Enhanced ergonomic baskets with colour coding strips for better product navigation
- Body made from 19mm European dense chipboard allows for continuous heat resistance of 70°C
 -All cabinets can be equipped with a key or code lock



Side Walls - 19mm melamine-coated chipboard + ABS side panels (interior)
Plinth - 19mm laminated plywood
Handle - Anodized aluminum
Edge - 3mm polypropylene, all-around rubber seal
Tambour door - 16mm polypropylene roller shutter
Glass door -  3mm reinforced glass
Solid door - HPL, light grey - silver
Hinges - 270° opening
Colour - Polar white
Lock - key or code
Max load - up to 40 kg
Heat resistance  - 70°C continuous/90°C short-term

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