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AC-900 S Flame-resistant Storage Cabinet


The AC-900 S storage cabinet is fire resistant for 90 minutes and can store up to 113L of liquid or solid flammable products. The cabinet is compliant with EN 14470-1 and EN 14727.



- All components of the cabinet are made from pickled steel

- Fire-resistant insulation made from environment-friendly materials

- Inflatable trimming (DIN 4102) expands under extreme heat, completely isolating the interior of the cabinet from outside. Additional trimming is designed to protect from burning and naturally occurring fumes as well as residual dust.

- The cabinet is equipped with self-closing doors, which close automatically every time the cabinet is opened.

- Advanced safety feature: spring operated auto-shut system closes doors when temperatures rise above 50°C.

- Certified palletized base with a removable cover



External Dimensions (HxWxD) - 1950mm x 900mm x 640mm
Internal Dimensions ( HxWxD) - 1731mm x 753mm x 495mm
Weight - 305kg
Volume - 645L
Compliance - EN 14470-1/EN14727
Material - pickled 10/10 steel 

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