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The saddle seat examination stools are similar to the swivel stools. However, instead of the standard seat, these examination stools feature a black polyurethane-foam, ergonomically shaped saddle seat.



  • The five-arm aluminum base has a diameter of 610 mm.
  • The saddle seat examination stools come in with a black aluminum or a polished aluminum base.
  • They are equipped, as a standard, with hard double castors (Ø 50 mm) for soft floors.
  • The standard height adjustment range is 460 - 580 mm. The saddle seat stools also come with the option of a height adjustment range of 550 - 730 mm.


  • Five-arm aluminum base Ø 610 mm, in black or polished finish 
  • Height adjustment - continuous with gas pressure spring
  • Height adjustment range 460-580 mm / 550-730 mm
  • Seat - Ø 380 mm
  • Maximum load - 130 kg
  • Hard double castors (Ø 50 mm) 

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