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Thanks to the continuous electric tilt adjustment, which can also be operated by the patient using a hand switch, the dialysis chair can be brought directly from the sitting position into the shock position. The armrests automatically adjust with the chair frame. The patients do not need to change their body or arm positions.



  • To make the dialysis as comfortable as possible, the reclining chair is fitted with 90mm thick comfort upholstery.
  • The drive used is a maintenance-free, spill-proof and extremely quiet electric motor, controlled by air pulses via a hand switch.
  • To relieve muscle cramps that may occur during treatment, the patient can press against the footrest (provided with the chair). The footrest is raster-adjustable to ensure a perfect fit for patients of all sizes.



  • Shock position adjustment - continuous, electric with a hand switch
  • Width - 650 mm
  • Height - 580 mm / 680 mm with castors
  • Length - 1820 mm (back section 800 mm, seat section 470 mm, leg section 550 mm)
  • Maximum load - 200 kg
  • Frame - lacquered
  • Upholstery thickness - 90 mm comfort upholstery 

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