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The Bobath massage therapy table is used in the therapeutic and nursing care sectors. It is part of the  "Bobath concept", which is used for rehabilitation of people with disorders of the central nervous system. These are often associated with movement problems, spasms and paralysis.

Our Bobath tables are available with:

    - hand crank height adjustment
    - hydraulic height adjustment
   -  height adjustment by an electric drive


The precision dual-box rectangular profile enables the tabletop to be extremely stable.

The 70 mm-thick, one-piece tabletop padding, comprised of 2-ply, variable foam density material, providing great comfort for the patient. The 20mm thick padding also wraps around the edges of the tabletop, being. The tabletop is upholstered with high-quality synthetic leather.

The manual height adjustment offering an adjustment range of 200mm  is done with a hand crank at the foot end. The crank handle can be stowed under the mattress after use. The maintenance-free gear provides quick and smooth operation of the hand crank regardless of the load on the table.

A centrally located a foot pump does the hydraulic height adjustment on tables, which feature this option.

The electric height adjustment is done with a maintenance-free, ultra-quiet electric motor, controlled by a pneumatic foot switch.

The chrome-plated crossbars and flat-foot structure are more durable and better withstand external factors such as repeated vacuum cleaner impacts than a plastic-coated frame.

The height-adjustable Bobath gymnastics tables are also available with a wider adjustment range - 525mm to 945mm, utilizing the scissor-lift mechanism.  



- Height adjustment 650-850mm  or 525-945mm (scissor mechanism)
- Width - 1040mm, 1200mm,1600mm
- Length - 1940 mm
- Maximum load - 200 kg
- Frame - lacquered
- Upholstery thickness 70 mm
21 Upholstery Colours available
- Made in Germany
- 3-year warranty


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