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Nettuno Massage Table

The Nettuno is a luxury massage bed that comes from Lemi’s Water line collection of luxury massage tables designed to be used in spa treatments involving water, like hydrotherapy.

The Nettuno massage table is a fully electric multifunction spa table designed with strength, elegance and ease of use in mind. The Nettuno massage table consists of three independently adjustable sections –back, seat and leg section. With the help of the electric drive motors, which are hermetically sealed to safe for use in and around water, the Nettuno massage bed can perform three different movements – height adjustment, backrest tilt, leg rest tilt. The seat tilt mechanism enables the massage to perform Trendelenburg tilt. For ease of use, the Nettuno massage table is equipped with an Automatic Reset Control function, which allows the massage bed to be brought back to its original position (flat and minimum height) after it has been adjusted. Additionally, the massage table is equipped with an END function – a programmable position in which the bed should end up at the end of the treatment.

For maximum patient safety, the Nettuno massage table is equipped with an integrated battery that power the table movements. Just like the motors, the battery is hermetically sealed to withstand operation in any kind of moisture or wet environment.

With a waterproof mattress, water-resistant padding and a waterproof base, the Nettuno is particularly suitable for hydrotherapy spa treatments. The Nettuno mattress with a face hole is designed with a curved shape to encourage water to flow off the bed.

You can further customize your spa with a fine selection of Add-on items like stools, cabinets and carts.

For added safety of your patients, we offer the Spa Shield - a mobile, adjustable screen, shaped to fit over any massage table.

Just like all Lemi products, Nettuno is covered by the standard manufacturer warranty of two years.



- 3 electric motors for independent control of height, backrest, seat and Trendelenburg position adjustment
- Automatic Return Control (ARC) allows for a 1-touch return to the original bed position (flat and min. height)
- END function – a programmable position in which the bed should end up at the end of the treatment.
- Completely waterproof design


Dimensions (LxW): 197 cm x 74 cm
Height (min./max.): 70 cm/ 110 cm
Leg Section: 0°- 35°
Back Section: 0°- 50°
Trendelenburg: -6°/+6°
Max Weight: 200kg
Warranty: Structural -10 years, Mechanical - 2 years



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