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Aemotio SPA multi-treatment massage table

Introducing the revolutionary, all-in-one, multi-treatment massage table – Aemotio Spa – the holy grail of spa treatment technology. This 9-in-1 spa treatment massage table is the flagship model of Lemi’s Water Line of massage tables and salon chairs and a fully upgraded version of Aemotio Basic. Winner of the American Spa Professional’s Choice Award 2 years in a row, this spa treatment massage table is sure to impress your clients with innovation and an unsurpassed level of relaxation!



The Aemotio Spa spa treatment massage table is designed as a wet table, offering:

- Vichi Shower
- Bolero Shower
- Water Mattress with Energy Heat System
- Steam bath
- Colour therapy
- Savonage
- Cold infrared lamps

All these features come standard in with the Aemotion Spa treatment massage table. Additional upgrades like steam bath kit, foam kit and more are available upon request.

The massage table itself offers electric height adjustment, which allows the specialist to work with ease at any height. The massage table is equipped with a polyurethane water mattress, which is designed to withstand maximum force without tearing. The water mattress comes pre-fitted with the Energy Heat System, which is a series of heat plates, which help maintain the water temperature inside the mattress. The system allows to drastically decrease water consumption, whiling maintaining stable temperatures and increasing patient comfort.

You can further customize your spa with a fine selection of Add-on items like stools, cabinets and carts.

For added safety of your patients, we offer the Spa Shield - a mobile, adjustable screen, shaped to fit over any massage table.

Just like all Lemi products, the Aemtio Spa spa treatment massage table is covered by the standard manufacturer warranty of two years.




- 6 integrated shower jets equipped with PREPARE function, which allows setting ideal water temperature prior to shower activation
- Polyurethane water mattress equipped with chromotherapy and Energy Heat System, which allows to heat water independently of the water source, conserving water consumption and increasing heating efficiency
- Electric height adjustment ensures the operator is always working in the most convenient position.
- Accessories like a steam kit, a foam kit and more are available upon request.
- Winner of the American Spa Professional’s choice award for 2 years running!



Dimensions (LxW): 232 cm x 100 cm
Height (min./max.): 69 cm/ 89 cm
Showerhead length: 194 cm
Max Weight: 200kg
Made in Italy
Warranty: Structural -10 years, Mechanical - 2 years


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