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Sereneya 1S massage table

The Sereneya 1S massage table is part of Lemi’s Essential collection – a line of simple yet elegant massage beds, which have all the style of the Classic line, sans the price tag.

The massage bed consists of 2 sections and offers two movements: height adjustment and backrest tilt. The height adjustment is performed via an electric motor drive, offering smooth and efficient performance. The mattress matches the two-section design on the massage table and allows for effortless movement execution without any obstruction to or from the mattress. Additionally, the face opening can be swapped out for a headrest when treatment requires the patient to be face-up.

The Sereneya 1S massage table also comes with some exclusive upgrades like textured Spa Prestige upholstery, integrated Bluetooth speaker system and more! The massage table base can be upgraded to a natural oak or wengé oak finishes, adding to the luxurious yet simple look.

You can further customize your spa with a fine selection of Add-on items like stools, cabinets and carts.

For added safety of your patients, we offer the Spa Shield - a mobile, adjustable screen, shaped to fit over any massage table.

Just like all Lemi products, The Sereneya 1S massage table is covered by the standard manufacturer warranty of two years.



- 2 section table surface offers two movements: electric height adjustment and manual backrest tilt
- Full wooden base construction
- Many exclusive upgrades like luxury woods finish, premium textured upholstery, and more!
- Great budget-conscious option, without sacrificing on looks of premium quality and feel



Dimensions (LxW): 182 cm (212 cm with headrest) x 74 cm
Height (min./max.): 57 cm/ 89 cm
Back Section: 0°- 65°
Max Weight: 200kg
28 Upholstery colours available
Made in Italy
Warranty: Structural -10 years, Mechanical - 2 years


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