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If you are looking for an exam table that will be adjusted in height occasionally, we suggest a medical table with manual height adjustment.

The height adjustment on this budget-friendly height-adjustable table is done by a hand-crank mechanism, which is located at the end of the table. When done, the crank handle can be pushed back under the table.

These multi-purpose tables are available in three frame finishes: lacquered, chrome, stainless steel, as well as three widths - 650, 800, 1000mm and headrest adjustment ranges of +30° and +/-30°.



  • The universal tables with manual height adjustment are manufactured with dual-box rectangular profiles to prevent rocking and swinging movements of the tabletop.
  • The maintenance-free gear with optimal transmission ratio ensures smooth, quick and easy operation of the hand crank.
  • Compared to a plastic-coated frame, the chrome-plated crossbars, which are equipped with levelling screws as well as a flat-foot structure provide durability against external factors such as repeated vacuum cleaner impacts.
  • The upholstery thickness for both tabletop sections is 64 mm.
  • The headrest is continuously adjustable up to +/-30° and secured with clamping rod locking mechanism. 



  • Height adjustment range 650 - 850mm
  • Widths  - 650mm, 800mm, 1000 mm
  • Length - 1900mm
  • Two-piece tabletop
  • Continuously adjustable headrest +30°, or +/-30° with clamping rod locking mechanism
  • Maximum load - 200 kg
  • Frame - lacquered, chrome-plated, stainless steel
  • Upholstery thickness 64 mm
  • 21 Upholstery Colours available
  • Made in Germany
  • 3-year warranty

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