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HydroGyno Gynecological Chair

The HydroGyno is a fully mechanical gynecological chair that has been designed to primarily serve as a treatment chair in the field of gynecology.  It offers all the same movement adjustments as the GynoPlus, however, electricity-free. The wide range of height adjustment and accessories like adjustable leg stirrups make this treatment chair an ideal solution for a gynecology exam. However, because of overlap in patient positioning techniques, the HydroGyno gynecological chair can also be used in the fields of urology and women's ultrasound.

The HydroGyno gynecological chair boasts a wide height-adjustment range, starting at a low height of just 67cm, which enables the patients to sit on the chair with ease. The max height of 83 cm provides a comfortable working height for the gynecology or urology specialist. The gynecological chair offers mechanical backrest adjustment, which, when coupled with the seat section's tilt, allows for a Trendelenburg tilt capability. Because The HydroGyno is a fully manual adjustment medical chair, it is not equipped with an Automatic Reset Control function, which allows the chair to be brought back to its original position. Returning to the original sitting position has to be done manually. The gynecology chair can be outfitted with an optional leg rest extension, which attaches to the base of the seat and turns the gynecology chair into a regular treatment chair, thereby making the HydroGyno gynecological chair a multipurpose medical chair.

The HydroGyno gynecological chair comes standard with a 3” anatomic mattress, a set of height-adjustable stirrups, inox waste tray, patient handles, and a paper roll holder. A great out-of-box package for any medical office! Better still; the full mechanical operation of the HydroGyno gynecological chair makes it our most budget-friendly gynecological chair that offers the same adjustments as its electric counterparts at a fraction of the price!

You can further customize your workspace with a fine selection of Add-on items like stools, cabinets and carts.

For added safety of your patients, we offer the Spa Shield - a mobile, adjustable screen, shaped to fit over any medical chair in a tilted position.

All this backed by a comprehensive structural warranty of 10 years, this treatment chair is a perfect fit for any gynecology practice or urology clinic.


  • Full manual, independent control of height (hydraulic pump), backrest, seat and Trendelenburg position adjustment
  • Gynecology chair comes standard with a removable stainless steel bowl, fixed underneath the chair, as well as a pair of adjustable stirrups, mounting hardware, paper roll holder and 3” padded anatomic mattress
  • Height adjustable stirrups have rotating thigh supports, providing optimum angulation for patient positioning
  • Optional leg rest extension allows the chair to turn into a full-size treatment bed!
  • Ideal for gynecology exam, women’s health clinic or OB-GYN practice
  • Multiple accessories available to tailor to specific needs


  • Dimensions (LxW): 132 cm (190 cm with leg rest extensions) x 62 cm
  • Height (min./max.): 67 cm/ 83 cm
  • Back Section: 0°- 75°
  • Trendelenburg: -25°/0°
  • Max Weight: 200kg
  • 28 Upholstery colours available
  • Made in Italy
  • Warranty: Structural -10 years, Mechanical - 2 years

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