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Clinic Blood Draw Chair

The Clinic blood draw chair is a fully electric, multifunctional, height-adjustable chair, that consists of three independently adjustable sections. The Clinic blood draw chair can be outfitted with variable density paddings for optimal comfort, upholstered with resilient waterproof imitation leather, that easy to sanitize and is resistant to disinfectants, with antimicrobial treatment based on silver ions. The upholstery covers all the surfaces that come into contact with the patient, making the surface easy to clean and preventing the patient from coming into contact with any mechanical parts. The armrests, moulded to complement the shape of the arm, feature an integrated push-button handset-holder and can be adjusted vertically via a gas-pump as well as be rotated horizontally.

The frame of the Clinic blood draw chair and all of its load-bearing structures are made of steel to ensure optimal structural integrity.

As a standard, the blood draw chair is equipped with anti-thread, non-marking swivelling wheels. Each one comes with its own pedal brake. A paper roll holder is located at the back of the backrest. The push-button handset can be hooked to the armrests and features the following functions: height adjustment, backrest adjustment, leg rest adjustment, a pre-set button for the synchronized backrest and leg rest adjustment; pre-set button for Trendelenburg tilt.

Upon request, an I.V. pole holder can be added to the base frame, either on the left or on the right side.

The Clinic blood donor chair is suitable for a medical practice, blood collection centre or a clinic offering hemodialysis treatment.



  • 3 electric motors for independent control of height, backrest, seat and Trendelenburg position tilt
  • Remote control handset for optimal movement control of the chair
  • Integrated pre-programmed setting for synchronized adjustment of backrest and leg rest
  • Height-adjustable blood sampling armrests that can also rotate 90°
  • Ideal for dialysis clinics, diagnostic exams, blood collection/blood sampling 



  • Dimensions (LxW): 56 cm x 171 cm (with leg extension: 212 cm)
  • Height (min./max.): 48 cm/ 78 cm
  • Leg Section: 0°- 95°
  • Back Section: 0°- 72°
  • Trendelenburg: - 5°/0°
  • Max Weight: 200kg
  • 4 Upholstery colours available
  • Made in Italy
  • Warranty: 2 years

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