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Universal Procedure Chair -  Lemi 2

Lemi 2 is a fully manual medical exam chair, offering all the same movement adjustments as the Lemi 3 and 4, however, electricity-free. Just like its electric counterparts, the Lemi 2 medical chair consists of four independently adjustable sections, and as such, it can easily convert from a chair position into a flat surface position, thereby also serving a dual purpose as a medical treatment bed. For the reason that this is a fully manual adjustment medical chair, it is not equipped with an Automatic Reset Control function, which allows the chair to be brought back to its original position, so returning to the original sitting position has to be done manually.

The numerous accessories that can be used with Lemi 2 medical chair truly make the chair versatile in a multitude of applications ranging from a medical exam to cosmetic surgery. This universal chair is great for a medical practice or a clinic offering treatment procedures. The full manual operation of Lemi 2 makes it our most budget-friendly medical exam chair, that offers the same adjustments as it’s mechanical counterparts at a fraction of the price!


You can further customize your workspace with a fine selection of Add-on items like stools, cabinets and carts.

For added safety of your patients, we offer the Spa Shield - a mobile, adjustable screen, shaped to fit over any medical chair in a tilted position.

Just like all Lemi products, Lemi 2 medical chair is covered by the standard manufacturer warranty of two years.



  • Full manual, independent control of height (hydraulic pump), backrest, seat and Trendelenburg position adjustment
  • Extensive accessories list to customize the chair for the required procedure
  • Ideal for facial-body treatments, light massages, hair removal, diagnostic exams, dermatology and cosmetic surgery.



  • Dimensions (LxW): 190 cm x 61 cm
  • Height (min./max.): 65 cm/ 85 cm
  • Leg Section: 0°- 65°
  • Back Section: 0°- 75°
  • Trendelenburg: -25°/0°
  • Headrest Tilt: 0°- 27°
  • Max Weight: 200kg
  • 28 Upholstery colours available
  • Made in Italy
  • Warranty: Structural -10 years, Mechanical - 2 years

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