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MobiDoc Docking Cart

This versatile docking transport cart allows for maximum modular flexibility - and optimal transportability. Whether you need to dock to a patient transfer stretcher or to a regular hospital bed, or anything else in between, MobiDoc has you covered. Every base model comes with 2 standard clamps that allow for secure docking to any transport surface, however additional clamping mechanisms can be added onto every unit. 



  • Secure docking with a choice of 2 docking modules - TW!ST or SWITCH. Depending on your mode of patient transport, the docking module can be preselected during ordering of a MopbiDoc. 
  • Ergonomic docking design allows the Mobidoc to dock to a mode of patient transport in seconds, while the modular mounting accessories allow for optimal positioning of accompanying medical equipment. The whole process takes seconds to complete, therefore saving valuable time during transport.
  • The modular capability allows for customized transport solutions for specific hospital requirements as well as allows for retrofitting at any time.
  • Ergonomic design allows for minimal staff requirements for transport. 


Base Models

Base models outline the basic configurations of MobiDoc. These are designed on some of the more common applications of the docking cart in regular medical transport. These models can be customized to specific requirements by adding on upgrades and accessories. For an absolutely unique design, tailored to a very specific transport need, speak to us about submitting a custom design!




Please refer to the specs sheet below to see technical specs and dimension of the base Mobidoc models. For additional info please contact us directly.








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