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BIOL 600M - Single Lamp Ceiling-mounted Surgical Light

LED lights, over years of service in various industries, have proven themselves to be a superior light source compared to traditional life sources - lasting on average, 7x longer than traditional light sources. Their extended lifetime means less waste and absence of hazardous materials like mercury and lead in their manufacturing technology means they are far more environmentally-friendly than other lighting technologies. Furthermore, LEDs consume 2x-3x less power than traditional surgical lamps, which further benefits the environment, while keeping the electricity expenses low.




  • BIOL surgical lights are equipped with Osram LED bulbs, which mimic natural sunlight 
  • 10 light intensity adjustment settings controlled by an integrated LC touch screen
  • 5% illumination mode specifically designed to tend to specialty surgery lighting scheme
  • All BIOL fixtures are fitted with Ondal spring arms, ensuring maximum performance and ease of use
  • Sterile light handle included



  • Illumination – 40,000-120,000 lux
  • Color Temperature  – 3500-5000 K
  • Color Rendering Index – 85 to 98 Ra 
  • Illumination ratio – < 3.6mW/m2-lux 
  • Max. irradiation – 3.6w/m2 
  • Light Spot Diameter – 120-350mm 
  • Light field D10 – 90mm +/-10
  • Light field D50 – 45mm +/-10 
  • Lighting Depth – ≥700mm 
  • Working distance – 700-1400mm 
  • Shadow Elimination – 88% 
  • Power – 54W 
  • LED bulbs – 54
  • LED Voltage – 30V 
  • Dome diameter – 500mm 
  • Lamp weight – 55kg  
  • LED lifespan – >50000h 

No emission of IR and UV
Mobile base available upon request

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