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Modular OR Table

The main principle behind the Modulo OR table is in its name - it's a modular tabletop which can be customized in a variety of ways by attaching together anywhere from 2 to 10 sections, thereby making the table suitable for various surgical applications, including orthopedic surgery and hip surgery. The removal of the modular sections is quick and easy thanks to the innovative locking system, which provides a safer environment for the patient and ease of use for doctors performing surgery as well as staff attending surgical room. The Modulo is an essential part of medical equipment lineup that we offer to medical facilities performing surgery.



  • Electromechanical movement of table column and surgical tabletop ensures smooth operation
  • The modular tabletop can be customized from 10 different sections. All section mattresses are made from memory foam - 80mm thick (polyurethane available upon request).
  • As an option, a full stainless steel orthopedic traction system can be hooked up to the Modulo. 
  • Innovative locking system with a tri-switch enables the sections to be either removed completely, adjusted in place without the risk of unhinging and fixed in place.
  • The table is equipped with a backup battery in case of power failure as well a manual movement override in case of absolute power loss.
  • Additional safety features include an Anti-Collision System (ACS), which controls the movements of the table and either slows the movement down or immobilizes it completely when a collision trajectory is imminent.
  • A specially designed transfer system with transport/transfer trolley enables quick and hassle-free patient transfer away from the OR.



  • Length - min.940mm/max.2440mm
  • Height - min.700mm/max.1200mm
  • Trendelenburg -  30°/45°
  • Reverse Trendelenburg 45°/30°
  • Lateral Tilt -  35°/35°
  • Back Section Tilt - +90°/-60°
  • Leg Section - +90°/-90°
  • Leg Spread - 0°/180°
  • Compass Opening  - 355mm
  • Head Section Tilt - +90°/-60°
  • Thorax Section Tilt - +90°/-60°
  • Longitudinal Shift - 400mm
  • Padding Thickness - 80mm (memory foam), 50 mm (polyeurethane)


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