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Electro-hydraulic Surgery Table 

BIOTEH is a high-performance surgery table, ensuring utmost patient safety as well as offers ease of use and simplicity of operation for surgical room staff. Patient comfort was one of the main priorities in mind, when designing OR table, thus ensuring ergonomic and comfortable treatment surface whether in a sitting or prone position. The BIOTEH is a cost-friendly solution for any medical equipment budget, without compromising functional ability or quality.



  • The OR table is capable of shifting longitudinally up to 350mm. The feature is particularly handy when using a C-Arm, whereby the shift eliminates the need of repositioning the patient of the tabletop. The function can be enabled through remote control or a built-in control panel.
  • BIOTEH comes with an X-ray plate, which allows for X-rays to be taken while the patient remains on the table. Optional 2-layer tabletop could be used to hold X-ray film.
  • The table comes equipped with a remote control to ensure unobstructed access to table functions and movements. The function labels are clearly displayed on a large backlit display. In the even the remote controller malfunctions, the table is equipped with a built-in function button pad, in the column base.
  • Electro-hydraulic movement systems ensure smooth and accurate movements, and versatile positioning, thereby making the table a suitable for various surgery applications. 
  • The BIOTEH offers orthopedic traction system for orthopedic surgery, which can be set up in seconds and adjusted with ease
  • Memory foam mattress ensures optimal patient comfort
  • The table comes equipped with a backup battery to enable operation in an event of an emergency.
  • Retractable foot stands to ensure optimal stability, while, when the table needs to be moved, the foot stands retracted and place the table on a set of heavy-duty casters, which makes table repositioning very simple.



  • Dimensions - 1960mm X 500mm
  • Height - 690mm to 110mm
  • Horizontal Shift -  350mm
  • Trendelenburg - 30°
  • Reverse Trendelenburg  - 30°
  • Left/Right Lateral Shift  - 15°
  • Head Plate Adjustment - 40° to 90°
  • Body Plate Adjustment - 90°  to  40 °
  • Leg Plate Adjustment - 15° to 90°
  • Leg Plate Swing-Out - 90°
  • Kidney Bridge Elevation -  110mm
  • Load Capacity -  250kg


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