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Electric Ultrasound Table

This line of ultrasound tables features a cutout that has been added to the tabletop area to allow for echocardiography, as well as the ability to adjust the height of the table to suit individual needs.

The height-adjustable echocardiography tables are available with

  • Manual, hydraulic or electric height adjustment
  • Lacquered or chrome-plated frame
  • 650 mm or 800 mm width



The height adjustment range on this line of tables is between 650mm to 850mm.

To avoid rocking and/or swinging of the tabletop, these height-adjustable tables are made with precision-cut, dual-box rectangular profiles.

The manual height adjustment is done with a hand crank located at the bottom of the table. The crank handle can be pushed back under the tabletop after use. The maintenance-free gear provides an optimal wind-to-movement ratio (i = 10mm/rev) ensuring quick and easy operation of the hand crank as well as the height adjustment, regardless of the weight on the tabletop.

The hydraulic height adjustment is achieved with a foot pump. The foot pump can also be operated from the other side if required (please specify upon ordering). A second foot pump can be added at extra charge.

The electric height adjustments are controlled by a maintenance-free, ultra-quiet electric motor and a pneumatic hand switch (or foot switch, no extra charge, please specify upon ordering).

All three types of height adjustment take place without lateral offset and can be performed with little effort, even with heavier patients (up to 200 kg).

Compared to a plastic-coated frame, the chrome-plated crossbars, which are equipped with levelling screws as well as a flat-foot structure provide durability against external factors such as repeated vacuum cleaner impacts.

Continuously adjustable headrests, adjustable up to +40°, are secured by clamping rod locking mechanism.

The upholstery thickness for the headrest and main section is 64 mm.

The dimensions of the echo cutout are:

  • 405 x 300mm (LxW) for tables with a width of 800 mm,
  • 315 x 250mm (LxW) for tables with a width of 650 mm.


  • Height adjustment 650 to 850 mm
  • Height adjustment mechanism - manual / hydraulic (with foot pump) / electric (with pneumatic hand switch)
  • Upholstered insert for echo cutout - removable or with folding mechanism (EKA-AA)
  • Widths - 650 mm / 800 mm
  • Length - 1900 mm
  • Maximum load - 200 kg
  • Frame -  lacquered or chrome-plated
  • Upholstery thickness 64 mm
  • 21 Upholstery Colours available



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