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Medication Carts 

Malvestio’s industry-grade medication carts are complete with a wide range of modifications, accessories & upgrade options. These LINKAR medical carts are specifically designed for use for the storage & transport of medicines & other medical supplies, making the LINKAR crash cart an essential addition to any professional medical treatment practice. As with all medical carts & related equipment by Malvestio that are offered in the AME Equipment catalogue, the LINKAR medical carts are constructed from the highest-quality composite materials, with a base constructed from scratch-&-impact-resistant ABS plastics. In addition, each LINKAR medical crash cart is designed with elegant rounded edges throughout the med cart design and an antistatic rubber wheel system, allowing it to fit elegantly within any professional medical setting. High-quality design & build ensures the crash cart continues to perform reliably throughout sustained & consistent use of the product. 

Reliable, thoughtful design and a range of features & accessories make the Malvestio LINKAR medication crash cart one of the most versatile medical carts currently on the market. 


  • Scratch & impact-resistant thermoformed ABS plastic build. 
  • Epoxy powder-coated metal parts w/ Biocote® silver ion antimicrobial additive 
  • Front drawers w/ centralized locking system + folding-anti-trauma key 
  • 4 drawers 
  • 30 medication bins w/ 3 repositionable dividers, labels & transparent sliding lid 
  • Upper accessory holder 
  • 4 swivel wheels w/ foot-operated brake system for front wheels 
  • Upper accessory-holder structure w/ 2 adjustable height bars 
  • Set of 9 flip-down drawers (5 + 4) 
  • Double hook for I.V. for upper structure w/ kidney dish support 
  • Disinfection basin w/ upper structure support 
  • Universal support 
  • Container for small waste 


  • Product weight: 72 kg / 67 kg / 70kg 
  • Product length: 89 cm  
  • Product width: 60 cm  
  • Product height: 171 cm height 



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