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Delta4 Hospital Electric Bed

The Malvestio DELTA4 Electric Hospital Bed combines the accessibility of features & ease of use to bring you one of the best hospital beds for sale on the market. The DELTA4 Electric Hospital Bed is an industry-standard surgical bed designed for various medical environments. The DELTA4 is a fully adjustable hospital bed featuring an intermediate frame with 4-section polypropylene safety slides that supports the mattress platform. In addition, the hospital beds feature a roto-translating backrest that automatically shifts backwards, reducing the pressure exerted on the sacral and pelvic areas by increasing the size of the pelvic area by 13cm. This surgical bed feature eschews the need for repositioning patients during a session while increasing patients’ ease of breathing & minimizing the occurrence of pressure ulcers. Such exemplary features make the DELTA4 Electric Hospital Bed one of the most versatile hospital beds for sale, applicable wherever an adjustable hospital bed is required in any professional medical environment. 

The DeltaDrive variant of the DELTA4 series surgical bed also features a fifth powered wheel, guaranteeing ease of mobility in busy medical environments. In addition, the critical care model of our DELTA4 series hospital beds also includes a sensor-activated weight monitoring system with an integrated alarm, giving the medical practitioner the option of calibrating the weight monitoring system to their desired function, including a “bed exit” and/or generalized exceeded threshold weight setting. 

The DELTA4 hospital beds feature an adjustable footrest with a mechanical safety control, preventing dangerous anglings & counter-rotations in the patient's knee during a procedure. DELTA4 hospital beds also feature an easily removable polypropylene mattress for quick cleaning between sessions, complemented with rounded edges and mattress stoppers to secure it while the patient bed is in use. Additionally, the mattress platform features a manually adjustable/retractable bed extension at the foot area, increasing the total length of the patient bed to a maximum of 300 mm. 

The wide range of features makes the DELTA4 series some of the most versatile industry-standard hospital beds for sale today.  


  • 4-section electric hospital bed (3 jointed sections, 1 centrally fixed)  
  • Easily removable polypropylene (PP) mattress  
  • Pedal-operated mattress platform adjustments (height, Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg)  
  • Sensor-activated weight monitoring/recording system 
  • Motorized directional fifth wheel 
  • Auto-regressing/roto-translating backrest 
  • Manually adjustable footrest area (w/ toothed rack) + mechanical safety control  
  • Extractable mattress platform at the foot end 
  • Manual CPR emergency backrest quick release lever on both sides of the patient bed  
  • 4-section folding polypropylene (PP) safety slides w/ integrated electronic controls  


  • Backrest roto-translation range: 13 cm 
  • Maximum mattress extension: 30 cm 
  • Maximum mattress height above platform: 41 cm



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