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Brera Hydraulic Stretcher

A cost-effective solution for Day Surgery Clinics, General Surgery, and Patient Transport 

The Brera hydraulic stretcher boasts a versatile design tailored to meet various medical needs. Crafted from sturdy painted steel, its structure rests upon a base equipped with four swivelling wheels for seamless mobility. Controlled by foot pedals, the lifting system, comprising two round hydraulic columns, ensures effortless height adjustment. Operational convenience is further enhanced by the platform's three-foot pedal system, facilitating variable height, Trendelenburg, and reverse Trendelenburg positioning. The platform itself comprises two removable sections, facilitating easy cleaning and disinfection, while four receptacles strategically positioned at the corners accommodate IV poles.  

Additionally, the stretcher features folding side rails mounted on six uprights, offering quick descent and a 39 cm containment height above the mattress platform for enhanced safety. Lateral longitudinal bumper bars crafted from anti-shock plastic material and four rubber bumper wheels situated at the corners provide added protection during transport. 

Both sides of the stretcher are outfitted with medical-grade steel mounting rails designed to hold drainage accessories, each equipped with two sliding and repositionable hooks boasting a 3 kg capacity. For operator convenience, push-handles positioned at the head and foot ends ensure optimal grip, with the added flexibility of being removable to facilitate patient movement. These handles also feature inbuilt hooks for accommodating patient bags.  

The stretcher's base frame is equipped with 200 mm non-marking wheels, complete with an antistatic system and lever-operated braking mechanism, ensuring stability during operation.  

Its easy-to-clean plastic cover includes compartments for storing an oxygen bottle securely, along with provisions for clothes and horizontal IV pole storage when not in use. The stretcher's metal components are coated with epoxy powder featuring Biocote® antimicrobial additive for durability and hygiene, following meticulous mechanical-chemical treatment processes to guarantee optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal. 



  • Mattress Platform: 2 sections, adjustable height. 
  • Structure: Painted steel frame mounted on a base with 4 swivelling wheels. 
  • Lifting System: Two round hydraulic columns controlled by foot pedals. 
  • Removable Sections: Easy cleaning and disinfection. 
  • IV Pole Receptacles: Located at each corner of the mattress platform. 
  • Side Rails: Folding, quick descent design with 6 uprights and a 39 cm high containment above the mattress platform. 
  • Bumper Bars and Wheels: Lateral longitudinal anti-shock plastic bumper bars, with additional rubber bumper wheels at the corners. 
  • Metal Bar: Equipped on both sides for drainage accessories. 
  • Hooks: Two sliding, repositionable hooks per bar, each with a 3 kg capacity. 
  • Push-Handles Design: Located at the head and foot ends, removable to ease patient movement. 
  • Additional Feature: Built-in hook for patient bags. 
  • Wheels: Four 200 mm non-marking wheels with an antistatic system, swivelling on ball bearings. 
  • Braking System: Lever-operated, located at the four corners for simultaneous locking/unlocking. Three wheels swivel; one is directional. 
  • Built-in Accessories: 
  • Oxygen Bottle: Fastening belt for bottles up to 7 litres. 
  • Clothes Storage: One compartment. 
  • IV Pole Storage: Two compartments for horizontal storage when not in use. 
  • Epoxy Powder Coating: All metal parts are treated with Biocote® antimicrobial additive (silver ions) for durability and hygiene. 
  • Treatment Process: Includes sandblasting for surface preparation and phospho-degreasing before painting. 


Technical Specs  

  • Overall stretcher length (with bumper wheels): 210 cm 
  • Overall stretcher width (with bumper wheels) 83 cm 
  • Overall height from floor: min - cm 55; max - cm 87 
  • Mattress platform length: 200 cm 
  • Mattress platform width: 65 cm 
  • Backrest length: 77 cm 
  • Backrest width: 55 cm 
  • Wheelbase: 117 cm 
  • Backrest adjustment: 0°/ 90° 
  • Trendelenburg/reverse-Trendelenburg: +17°/-17°  
  • Safe working load: kg 240 (550 lbs) 
  • Operational mode: manual operation, hydraulic pump
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years 

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