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The all-in-one solution for Day Surgery Units, General Surgery, Patient Transport, and Inpatient Care 

The One Day 4-section electric stretcher was designed to revolutionize patient care by merging the comfort of an inpatient bed with the functionality needed in day-hospital departments. Its innovative structural solutions ensure exceptional comfort for patients during extended hospital stays, ranging from one to three days. 

The One Day stretcher is engineered to meet the highest operational standards required in emergency departments. Combining efficiency and safety, it offers the convenience of a traditional stretcher with the benefit of easy-to-use electric controls. Its design and layout ensure the immediate execution of emergency adjustments and procedures. 

The lightweight frame, ergonomic push handles, and five wheels enable rapid movement, even in challenging locations and critical situations. Due to its compact size, the One Day stretcher can easily navigate through passageways and small stretcher lifts, ensuring it is always ready for swift deployment in emergency scenarios. 

This stretcher offers electric adjustments, including Trendelenburg and reverse-Trendelenburg positions, essential for various procedures and extended patient comfort. The robust epoxy-coated steel frame ensures durability and stability, supported by four 200 mm wheels and a fifth central wheel for enhanced maneuverability via a brake-unlock pedal. 

Safety features include six-strut, folding side rails (38 cm high) and metal accessory mounting rails with sliding hooks for drainage equipment. Proper housings for patient-lifting and IV poles enhance its versatility in medical settings. Two low-voltage (24 V) electric actuators manage height adjustment, supporting up to 260 kg (570 lbs). 

The SATELLITE push-button control panel on a flexible support enables easy mattress, height, and positioning adjustments, with an auto-off feature to save power. An enhanced battery pack ensures day-long operation with a quick-recharge battery charger. A sound alarm system alerts staff about electrical connections and unlocked wheels. 


Additional features include: a vertical shift backrest, manual emergency adjustments, an extendible mattress platform, durable plastic end panels with integrated push handles, an epoxy-coated frame with BioCote for hygiene and much more!

This comprehensive design makes the ONEday stretcher indispensable for Day Surgery Units, General Surgery, Patient Transport, and Inpatient Care. 

All One Day stretchers sold in Canada are CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60601-1 compliant and are equipped with standard CSA 22.2 No.21 compliant 3-prong hospital-grade plugs. 



  • Adjustment System: Utilizes two sets of compass-leverage mechanisms. 
  • Mattress Sections: Made of ABS material with a vertically shifting backrest and extendible platform. 
  • Electric Adjustments: Includes Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions. 
  • Base Frame: Constructed from epoxy-coated steel pipes with wheels equipped with brakes at the ends. 
  • Wheels: Four 200 mm diameter wheels, plus a fifth wheel at the center, activated via brake-unlock pedal. 
  • Side Rails: Six-strut folding side rails (height: 38 cm). 
  • Accessory Holder Bars: Metal bars on both sides for drainage, with two mobile sliding hooks made of plastic. 
  • SATELLITE Push-Button Panel: Integrated electric controls on a flexible support, allowing mattress section adjustments, height adjustments, and positioning. 
  • Auto Switch-Off Mode: Activates after a few minutes of inactivity to reduce power consumption. 
  • Battery Pack: Enhanced for day-long operation with a fast-charging dedicated battery charger. 
  • Sound Alarm System: Alerts for electrical grid connection and unlocked wheels. 
  • Emergency Release: Backrest (CPR) and knee-break can be manually lowered via quick-release levers on both sides. 
  • Pull-Out Section: Extends up to 18 cm and can be adjusted in two positions using a handle, operable with one hand without removing the foot end panel. 
  • Accessory Hosting: Designed to hold an air mattress compressor, monitor holder, and patient's bag. 
  • Epoxy-Powder Coating: The frame is coated with epoxy powders and BioCote, an antibacterial additive with silver ions for easy disinfection. 


Technical Specs: 

  • Overall length: 199 cm expendable to 217 cm 
  • Overall width: 90 cm 
  • Overall height from floor: min – 40 cm, max – 85 cm  
  • Side-rails height (raised): 38 cm 
  • Mattress platform length: 184 cm expendable to 202 cm 
  • Mattress platform width:  71 cm 
  • Backrest section adjustment: 0°- 70°  
  • Mid-section adjustment: 0° - 30°  
  • Leg-rest section adjustment:  –16° to +11°  
  • Trendelenburg/reverse-Trendelenburg: +17°/-17°  
  • Safe working load: 260 kg  
  • Electric protection: IPx4  
  • Electrical Specs: 120V 60 Hz, 3-prong medical-grade plug,  
  • Operational modes: electrical outlet, back-up battery 
  • Certification: all electrical components are CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60601-1 compliant. 
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years 

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