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MR-Safe Ambulance Trolley

In some clinics the MRI department is located in a different building, separate from the NICU. In this case, the patients must be transported from one place to the other. For this mode of transportation of newborns, who are dependent on the protective environment of an incubator, it is best to use the special ambulance trolley for the nomag® IC. Thanks to the independent electricity and gas supply, extended travel times present no challenge for the small patients. Additionally, the ambulance trolley folds in and fits any standard ambulance vehicle. 

The trolley comes standard with gas supply (3 MR-conditional* nonmagnetic gas cylinders and nonmagnetic pressure reducer) and and uniterrupted power supply.







- Integrated uniterruptible power supply (duration up to 1.5 hours)
- Change over switch between gas supply and central gas supply
- Central gas supply hoses
- Shock protection




- Trolley Dimensions: 1970 x 570 x 900 mm (L x W x H)
- Maximum Load: 180 kg
- Up to 2x5L Gas Cylinders


* according to ASTM F2503-08
not commercially available in Canada​





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