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AME Equipment Inc. - Trusted Partner in All Your Medical Equipment Needs

AME Equipment Inc. is a Canadian medical distribution company based in Toronto, Ontario. AME Equipment Inc. is the official distributor  of various medical products used in the fields of medical imaging, intensive care, neonatal intensive care.

We are a professional sales and marketing company, offering its expert services to medical product manufacturers. With a unique approach and strategy for every client, we provide the necessary assistance to successfully advance their products in Canada.

We also specialize in providing diagnostic imaging equipment, accessories and quality furniture and equipment for medical offices or health institutions of various sizes. Working directly with manuafacturers we can customize any items to suit your needs!

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Our Products at a Glance



MR Incubator System Neonatal Array Coils Neonatal Incubator



Neonatal Care Accessories Pediatric Beds
Ferromagnetic Material Detector




Neonatal Digital X-Ray MRI Transport Tables Medical Furniture